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What To Do When You Get Too High

Don’t worry! We have all gotten way too high at some point in our cannabis journey, not a big deal. No one has ever died from too many bong tokes and don’t worry you will NOT be the first case.

Cannabis has such a huge impact on your body because the cannabinoids from the plant react with our cannabinoid receptors, also known as CB1, in our body. Triggering these receptors is what essentially makes you “high”. So essentially, the reason your heart might be going so fast is because of the CB1 receptors on your cardiac cells are reacting.

Don’t Panic

Like we said, no one has ever died from too much THC! Always remember it will eventually pass, even if it feels like it won’t, and you will be feeling back to normal in no time.

Kick Back and Chill

Do you feel like you keep getting higher and higher? Relax and throw on a movie! This will most importantly help keep your mind distracted from the situation because sometimes over thinking makes things a lot worse than it really is.

Drink some water

It is always good to keep hydrated but sometimes its easy to forget… Especially if you are high. If you haven’t had enough water for the day and you get too high, it might make you feel worse than normal. So always make sure to have water bottle in your sesh bag just in case.

Call a friend

If you have consumed to much cannabis and you’re all alone, call a close friend to help you through it. Sometimes you just need to hear from someone else that it’s going to be ok.

Take a nap

When all else fails take a nap! If nothing seems to be helping your situation, it’s time to call it a day and go to sleep. Go and grab your favourite pillow, place a glass of water by your bedside and you should wake up feeling a lot better than before.


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