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Weed Etiquette

When it comes to smoking weed with friends there are a few rules everyone must follow. Below we have listed some of the most common rules every smoking session must follow:

Rollers Rights

Whoever rolled the joint gets to light the joint… Simple as that. Now with this said, the roller can pass on those rights to someone else but that is completely up to them. This tactic is popular when the roller is already getting started on the next joint and needs someone to light the previous rolled one.

Ash Before You Pass

This rule is HUGE but not very well known. Nobody likes getting passed a joint that hasn’t been ashed especially if it ends up falling onto your clothes in the process of passing. I get it though, it’s easy to forget what is happening after a few pulls from a joint but once you make the ash then pass rule a habit, you won’t have any more angry friends.

Pass the Dutchie

Pass the dutchie to the left-hand side! They even wrote a song about this rule so this really is one of the most commonly known seshing etiquette rules! Why the left-hand side? They say it’s because when you pass to the left, you are handing the joint into their right hand! Sorry left-handed friends, it’s the rules.

It’s a Joint, Not a Microphone

We have all meet this smoker. The one who likes to tell that really long story every time the joint gets passed to them. As you watch the joint slowly burn away and you think to yourself “Someone get this guy a microphone!” kindly remind your friend to puff or pass.

Puff, Puff Pass

Everyone knows sharing is caring and to keep everyone happy the Puff Puff Passrule was created. Simply take your two puffs of the joint and then pass to the left-hand side. This ensures everyone can enjoy the session and get an equal amount of time with the joint.

Just like everything else in life, we all get better at something with lots of practice. Try your best to remember these rules and bring some weed etiquette to your next session.


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