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Budtender’s Pick: Northern Lights Strain Review

I’ve heard that one of the most beautiful things you can see in this world are the bright, dancing lights that shine in the north. Since most of us can’t actually see the Northern Lights from where we currently live, experiencing them involves just a little bit more time and effort. 

Or does it? 

I present to you Northern Lights by Top Leaf. The first time I’ve personally seen this flower available for purchase as a single strain and not crossed with something else. 

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the aroma this bouquet of flowers gives off from the jar. Scent is said to be the most powerful form of memory recall when it comes down to the human brain. When I close my eyes and lift this jar to my nose no longer am I in the comfort of my own home but back in Lake Louise hiking the Plain of Six Glaciers, lush green canopy overhead, listening to the sounds of roaring white water and avalanches rolling down mountains in the distance. Caryophyllene is definitely the dominating terpene in this bud and provides such an amazing woody, earth and floral scent that it becomes extraordinarily difficult to take the jar away from my nose. 

This bud has so much crystal resin on it that if I were to hold up a magnifying glass and shine a bright light on it, there would be an actual Aurora Borealis floating around the perimeter, hands down some of the most beautiful flower I’ve ever purchased. Top Leaf also adds a moisture pack inside to help keep the product from drying out which I was thoroughly pleased to see. 

The flavor behind this Northern Lights is absolutely amazing, the best way to describe it would be “kushy”, it starts on the inhale with a sweet earthy taste and finishes with nuances of pine on the exhale. It reminds me of when I first got my hands on a really good bag of weed for the first time back when I was in highschool. 

The high starts slow in the body and gradually grows stronger and stronger until it explodes under the skin and in the muscles like a million tiny stars gone supernova, there is a tiny bit of behind the eyes action going on but ultimately you will become one with the couch and won’t be moving anytime soon. This is a pretty heavy indica so unless you’re playing the statue game at work or plan on cancelling all your plans for the day, save it for nighttime. 

10/10 would smoke again.

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