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5 Innovative Ways to Consume Legal Cannabis

Cannabis has evolved tremendously from how it was back in the day! With the new year, brings a new decade and you better believe we have great new ways for you to enjoy cannabis. Below we have listed 5 of the most innovative ways to consume cannabis in 2020 for both new and experienced consumers.

Cannabis is definitely not like how it used to be back in the day! With a new decade ringing in this year you better believe we have a bunch of new ways to get high. Below we have listed 5 of the most innovative ways to consume cannabis in 2020 for both beginner and experienced smokers. (I would get rid of this paragraph).


Everyone loves a nice delicious drink during their smoke session but what if that beverage was INFUSED? Talk about game changer! An assortment of cannabis beverages are the newest micro dose craze in the legal market. Regardless if this is your first time consuming or not, this is surely something for every consumer to try. Water, iced and hot tea, THC powder and flavoured sodas are now available.


Oh my! What a time to be alive! Cannabis infused breath mints are one of the most innovative products on the market to date. With the product being so discreet and small, this is an easy way to enjoy cannabis on one of those days when you just do not have the time.


Chocolates, gummies and cookies OH MY! This is really a stoners dream, junk food that gets you high! With everything from chewy gummies to professionally made chocolate truffles, this something you must try at least once. I have even seen some consumers take a product like the infused chocolate and add it to something like hot coco! There are defiantly some ways to get creative with the edibles.


This old school extract has finally hit the legal market and we could not be more excited. Almost everyone has added keif to their bong bowl already but it’s exciting that we don’t have to wait around and collect our own anymore. This product is mainly targeted towards the more experienced smokers so please keep this in mind.


With a quick press of a button, a micro dosage of THC is sprayed into your mouth without the hassle of smoking. This is something that you could easily throw in your bag and make a part of your everyday cannabis routine. As always there are restricted packaging with sprays, so every product has a child (and sometimes stoner) proof locking system.


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